Advert Writing Tips

Adverts are your chance to stand out in a crowd. The quality of your ad will, without question, effect the quality of the applications.

Here’s just a few of our tips to get you started:-

Get creative.

Nothing worse than dull, templated job adverts. Take the time to really think about what its like to work at your place and sing about it.

Keep the job title simple.

This is what people will search on – so bartender, server, kitchen porter all fine. No descriptive words in there. Keep the creativity to the ad. Include your job title 3 or 4 times within the ad.

Logo & image

Make sure you preview your ad. How you do anything is how you do everything – so having a great looking ad with high res images and clear logos will get you noticed.

Mobile friendly

We estimate around 70% of ads will be read and applied for on mobiles so keep it short and sweet. Loads of text just won’t get read.

Bullet points are your friend

We suggest you write a badass opener about who you are, what role you need and why. Then a bullet pointed list of what you will be doing in the job or what to expect. Closing few lines on benefits or why people should choose you. Avoid long descriptions of what experience you require as candidates will ignore it anyway.

Always proof-read your ad

Get someone else to give it a check. Grammar and punctuation errors look messy, and superstars want dream job ads.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions about advert writing we are always happy to answer them. Drop us a line in the chat or to