CV Writing 101

CVs may be a thing of the past, in the future. But for now, they are still a thing, so we have written a few tips we have learnt over the years about writing great CVs. Hope they help!

Tip 1 – Start Afresh

Whether you are furloughed, let go or just fancy a change – having a fresh looking, up to date CV is going to be useful. We see a tonne of CVS that have been cobbled together – one job from three years ago in a certain format, then a different format bolted on to that. So really whilst you have got the opportunity, our advice is to start afresh. When you get down to it, it is quite an enjoyable task.

Tip 2 – Personal Statement.

This is the first chance to impress an employer. It really should be personal to you. Four or five snappy sentences – not copied from your mate’s CV, not lifted from Google, really consider what actually sounds like you. Have a chat with a friend from work and they can help you describe yourself. Also, make sure this part is tailored to the job you are applying for.

Tip 3 – Experience is everything.

This will make up the bulk of your CV but make sure it is not too long. Consider how many CVs the reader will look through and scrolling job descriptions can get boring. If you have come from hospitality and are applying for a job in hospitality, readers are going to know the basics of the role. It’s unnecessary to list everything.

What people really want to understand is what difference you made in your previous role so having achievements in here is key – have you designed a cocktail for a menu? Hit a certain target? Improved a system or process? Get that down. Keep it bullet pointed and easy to read.

Tip 4 – Education and Interests.

Education needs to be on there – keep it short and snappy. Don’t forget to include any other relevant qualifications you might have too – wine, craft ale, first aid. We believe one of the most important parts of is your interests. Great material for an interviewer to common ground and build rapport. Whether it is charity events, sporting achievements, self-development – get it down.

Tip No 5 – Let us help

Sixty Eight Jobs offer a free CV checking service – ‘CV School’. We are all hospitality recruiters and all ex hospitality folk so will have a look at it for you, offer feedback and you can take it or leave it. If you want your CV to be ‘schooled’. Please send to with CV School in the

When we thought about it, we had a few more than 5. So here are some bonus tips – just for you.

Spelling and Grammar errors – unacceptable. Get it checked. Sticking to two pages – making sure it is short and snappy. You are just trying to get an interview. You are not trying to convince somebody that the job is yours there and then, so keep it condensed. Consider your font – Times New Roman is so 1999. Don’t over-style it – no one likes a show-off. Don’t rate yourself for anything. No 5*s for ‘reliability’. It’s subjective and well…. odd.

Hopefully, our tips have helped. Thanks for reading. Good luck in finding the dream and you know where we are if you need anything.

Team Sixty Eight xx