To screen, or not to screen?

To screen or not to screen…..

At Sixty-Eight Jobs we believe great interviewing is a fine art. It is often overlooked, side-lined some might say, for a ‘chat’. Especially in hospitality. Managers are so busy, interviewing can get pushed down the task list. 

Here are the facts:-

In hospitality on average, 50% of people leave a job before they get to 3 months service. 

The industry estimates this cost to be between £1000 and £1500 per person – and that is a PART-TIMER!

Getting the right person makes EVERYBODYS life better. The manager, the team, the guest and the owners!

At Sixty-Eight we are on a crusade to shape the industry and make recruitment better. We are writing a series of blogs to communicate our thoughts and share recruitment love.

So, let’s get started by talking about screening

To screen or not to screen?

The simple answer is screen. Screen hard, screen fast and screen now. 
Screening is going to make your life soooo much easier. I mean we all know how frustrating it is to book in 10 interviews, block off your day, and two people turn up right? Its soul destroying and it can be easily avoided.

We can’t claim that we created the ‘Phone Screen’ but we are claiming the right to it’s come back. 

‘Sixty Eight Jobs – bringing back to telephone screen since 2019’ (2020 didn’t rhyme)

We are saying that if you add in this process – 8 out of 10 of your candidates will show up. I mean it is a no brainer.

Our Four Badass Benefits to phone screening :-

  1. Rules out the timewasters. You will find many applicants will not respond. Best knowing now.
  2. A chance to ask some basics, make a cut and improve the quality of people you are meeting face to face. Questions like ‘How are you going to get home at 3am? Why have you left you last role?’ will sort the wheat. Your time is precious. 
  3. Sets you apart from your competitors. Being ‘world-class’ from the off will make people want to work for you.
  4. Opportunity for more junior people in the team to be involved in the recruitment process.

Have we convinced you? I hope so. Make it snappy. Make it a video call. Make it a set 5-10 questions you ask everyone. Make it what you want. Just make it happen. That’s our first piece of hospitality recruitment love – right there.

Good Luck Recruiters!